The SCNT came to what was known as new Spain. Spain gave the Nation a land grant that extended from Nacogdoches in the east to the Rio Grande in the west north to the Canadian border east to the east boundary of new Spain then south to the red river back to Nacogdoches.

We were allies to Mexico when they won their independence from France in 1811, and signed a treaty with the provisional government of the republic of Texas in 1835, Sam Houston and Chief Bowles were signators to the treaty.

Mirabeau Lamar declared war against the Nation in 1839 and on the 14, 15 and 16th of July 1839 the battle of the Neches was fought. The republic of Texas army prevailed by murdering our defenseless Chief Bowles. We lived in clans until 1987, the first moon of light that is the time when our Adawehi's had foretold that we should bring the "SCNT" back together and operate as one formal government. We have a constitution, laws, courts, law enforcement, passport, and all forms of government except a military. We are in alliance with the United States for military security of our homeland and to that end, we serve in the U.S. military. We have had some of our citizens killed in combat defending the U.S. and have had 34 men and women to serve in desert storm, Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

As of this date, we have been operating as a centralized government recognized by the USA, but not regulated by the Department of Interior. We have worked within the United States Federal Courts System, Department of Justice, Congress and Senate. The SCNT has also obtained comity by the Texas Local and District Courts.

To apply for SCNT Citizenship, please go to CONTACT US page and fill out appropriately, or click on Registrar link below. Your inquiry will be forwarded and processed by the Office of the Registrar of the SCNT. Someone will contact you and send you a packet of information along with an instruction letter outlining the citizenship application process.

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