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Today's political situation finds the Sovereign Cherokee Nation Tejas in a distinctly unique position of being beyond question a people clothed with all the attributes of "independent" sovereignty, which are further confirmed by the tenants as enumerated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequently the Declaration of Principles for the Defense of the Indigenous Nations and peoples of the Western Hemisphere, namely those of:

(1) Having a permanent population.

(2) Having a government.

(3) Having the ability to enter into relations with other governments.

(4) Having identifiable bonds of language, heritage, traditions and other common identity.

We pledge to our indigenous brothers and the Texas Cherokee that through the Sovereign Cherokee Nation Tejas, all North American, Central American and South American indigenous people, regardless of present national or political status, may realize the fulfillment of their long cherished dream to be part of an independent indigenous government by, of, and for the Indians of the Americas.

Chief Bowles

On this site the Cherokee Chief Bowles was killed on July 16th, 1839 while leading 800 Indians of various tribes in battle against 500 Texans. The last engagement between Cherokees and whites in Texas.

"Texas Cherokee" composed and performed by Michael Bucher, with guest flutist Douglas Blue Feather.

Produced by Peter Phippen, "Texas Cherokee" was written for the Sovereign Cherokee Nation Tejas!

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