Michael Bucher

Michael Bucher Michael grew up in a multi-racial neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. In all the diversity, his large family did what they could to ensure that they didn't become an invisible Indian.

His Cherokee ancestors go back to the Trail of Tears and earlier. Prior to the forced removal many Cherokees moved to S.E. Missouri and N.E. Arkansas. Mike and his sisters and brother are only the second generation not to be born in S.E. Missouri. They have been told the stories passed down from generation to generation and encouraged to stay close to their culture.

He is reminded by his mother and great uncle, and by the words of his grandmother and great aunt who have walked on, not to forget the stories and struggles of his people and all Indigneous people.

From these stories are the basis of his music and songs along with his own life experiences. As part of those experiences, Mike has lived in many places thru his life, but now lives in the great northwoods of northwest Wisconsin. He stays close to his family, friends, to the stories. and to his beliefs. "There are no coincidences, everything is for a reason."

I came from a musical family where almost everyone was self taught. I grew up listening to Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and all the popular country music artists of the day. As a teenager my musical tastes expanded to include Rock, Blues, and R&B.

By my early twenties I started writing my own songs and through the years have refined my style and approach to music. My influences and inspirations are broad and varied, but some of who include Buddy Red Bow, Johnny Cash, Buffy St.Marie, Neil Young and Bill Miller.

One of my favorite hobbies is Native style drum making. I made my first drum when I was eight years old with the help of my grandmother. Years later I came back to Native drums and now make hand drums and old pow-wow style drums, which are logs that I hollow out and lace various types of rawhide heads to. The Native drum that you hear on this CD, Seven, was made by me. My feelings for the drum are strong . The tree is a gift from the Creator. It is part of the balance and stays true to it's purpose. The drum is a sacred vessel that should not to be mistreated or disrespected. It is the heartbeat of the people."

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Michael Bucher - Seven


Douglas Blue Feather

Douglas Blue Feather, Cherokee heritage, is an award winning songwriter, recording artist, and performer of contemporary Native American flute music. A four time Native American Music Award winner, known as a Nammy, Blue Feather has released nine CDs which have been featured on radio stations world wide.

Recognized as one of the top Native American flutists of today, the highlights of Doug’s career include winning the Eighth Annual Native American Music Award for "Best New Age Recording" the Seventh Annual Native American Music Award for "Best New Age Recording" the Sixth Annual Native American Music Award for "Flutist Of The Year" and the Fifth Annual Native American Music Award for "Best Independent Recording Of The Year."

Blue Feather has been a featured performer at the 8th Annual Native American Awards Show, on Fox TV, and at numerous nationally advertised powwows, festivals, and churches throughout the United States. He has been recognized by Native Peoples Magazine as being one of the top performers on the Native music scene. Many people call him a master of the flute.

"I'm honored that people refer to me as a master, but like any musical instrument, the flute is still teaching me. Every time I write a new song, I learn something new on the flute. My music has become much more than I dreamed and is more than just a musical journey, it's a spiritual journey as well. It really is a gift from the Creator."

Spirit Of The Flute

Spirit Of The Flute
Spirit of the Flute is a collection of peaceful solo Native American flute songs played from the heart by multi award winning flutist, Douglas Blue Feather.

1. In The Canyon
2. Look To The West
3. People Of Peace
4. Children Of The Sky
5. Walk Gently
6. Spirit Of The Flute
7. Two Worlds
8. Chasing Clouds
9. Alone In The Past
10. Call Of The Elk
11. Shadows On The Wall
12. Fire Dance
13. The Gathering

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A Crown Of Stars

Douglas Blue Feather - A Crown of Stars
A Crown Of Stars - Virtuoso musicians Douglas Blue Feather, Doug Dunlap, & Brain Henke combine their talents to create a masterful CD of hypnotic soundscapes and rhythms featuring the Native American flute combined with lush keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars.

1. Setting Of The Sun and Rising Of The Moon
2. Flight Of The Owl, Call Of The Wolf
3. Heart Of Night
4. River Of Galaxies
5. Night Tides
6. Dancing The Dream
7. When Lovers Meet On The Other Side
8. A Crown Of Stars
9. Dragonfly At Dawn

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